ELI …Netflix Film (Both in Turkish and in English)

My today’s recommendation is ELI… This is a horror movie and can be watched from Netflix 🙂

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Our todays film is a Netflix production “ELI” … The film is a horror-thriller. First of all, let me start with the IMDB score. IMDB: 5.8 MetaScore: NA ..

Actually the movie starts very interesting. The beginning is important. Either herro or merro. Either you continue to watch or you leave.. Eeverything is connected to that initial hitting scene :). In our film, there is a child with autoimmune disease (he lives in a specially crafted area at home. He cannot take a bath, he cannot make contact with anyone, he has to wear special clothes if he goes out. My first emotion while watching the movie is how sad that the only expectation of a tiny little child in life is to establish contact with normal people. Scientific name of child’s disease is not shared so I could not look through the internet about disease progression. But I’m sure there are a lot of people who have to live in the world in a similar situation :() After I shared my feelings lets back to the movie. The child is sick, parents are emotionally devastated (or not !!) so they are looking for a cure. Finally, they find a clinic in the woods in a very isolated place where the people in the clinic promises to heal the child with so-called genetic intervention (advanced therapy products, gene therapy, etc. ) they say they have a chance to treat. Anyway, it’s not impossible. Gene therapies is not a science fiction anymore. So you say, “ok ok” and you keep watching. The treatment begins and that’s where everything become odd and horrifying. The child’s experiences, parents’ mood, etc. make you believe for a very different end but the reality of the film is not what you expected . Maybe in the last half an hour you are saying “what if” but there’s no clue until the last scene. If the last 5-10 minutes was fictionalize better the film will be an inedible movie, but unfortunately the last 5-10 scenes were really poor. For me it enters the category of watchable movies. Good stuff …

you can watch from Netflix


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