I SEE YOU… (Both in Turkish and in English)

he film is actually a crime movie. Although IMDB classifies as “horror” I don’t agree at all. I think to classify a movie as “horror movie” it must contain mystical elements .. Of course, varies from person to person. Murder, blood etc. are enough to fear? For me “NO” . But of course in real life I’m pretty sure my answer will be YES:) (Oops again found myself jumping from topic to topic). Before starting, the IMDB score is 6.6 and Metascore: 65 (very successful). Now in the movie we are in a small town. There’s a detective, his son and wife. The detective’s wife cheated on him, and his teenage son hates her, and the detective actually hates her as well, but he tries to forgive (Cheating can be forgiven?) Parallel to the description of these emotional turbulence, the disappearance of young children in the town is another main theme in the movie. It is like a typical thriller movie, but it becomes completely different story when two young people decide “hiding” in defective’s family’s home. The concept is they are hiding in people’s house for 1-2 weeks and taking live videos and posting them on their social media (I don’t really know if there is such a concept, but if the matter is “social media and getting more followers I am not shocking what people can do). So just when you decided how to classify the movie the children make you confused again. At the same time, our detective’s son’s mental turbulence, extreme emotional imbalances to his mother (many discourses and actions that point to this) create another question that “Does the boy is the killer?” In some point you are asking yourself does the boy is psychopathic killer, or those who sneak into the house are killing people or in somehow the spirit of an old serial killer is the responsible of all these disappearance. Among all these scenarios, you have different emotions. Sometimes you feel sorry for the detective, sometimes you feel upset for the son and most of the time you get angry at the young people secretly entering that house. But as I said, you may not see what you think. Unexpected ending, I think it is a very nice editing, extremely enjoyable to watch the movie. You will understand where the silhouette of the film poster came from. I think even film poster here is extremely clever. Have a good time 🙂


En çok yaptığı film-dizi izlemek olan biri olarak fikirlerimi paylaşabileceğim birilerinin olduğu umuduyla...

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